In 2003 Mad- Jarova dedicated her time between painting, sculpture, writing and her exhibitions.
She was the French Lions Club honor guest at the 8th district Town Hall in Paris. Her works have been appreciated by the public.

  In May, Mad-Jarova gathered together some confirmed visionary artist to create a group: “Inner Space Reality Artists
Each one with his (her) own style expressed his (her) personal vision. The exhibition took place in Rouen, at the Gérard Boudin Gallery and was very successful.

  A little later, in June, she had her own exhibition, at the “Vert Galant” Gallery, Quai des Orfèvres, in Paris. There were many visitors as usual. This artist has numerous admirers who appreciate her uncommon work and her many talents, together with her conception of a new rebirth in scientific, philosophic and aesthetic research. The national and international press echoed this event.

  At the same period, Mad-Jarova created a work (oil painting) on a sphere which will be exhibited in 2004. There are three more spheres to be finished among which, one with a 2m diameter. Apart from her paintings, in 2003, she realized five bronze and two statues 2 m 30 high, also in bronze. One of them will be placed in the entrance Hall of a big dietetic products society. She wrote two articles which were published in the magazine “ the 3rd Millennium” and other articles which will soon be published in other magazines.
“International women artist” n° 46 published a ten page article entitled “ Mad-Jarova, an exceptional destiny”, and also in n° 48, another five page article entitled: “ Mad-Jarova’s enchanted Palace”. It is about her residence entirely conceived and decorated by the artist. Her works of great originality as the grotto with a painting in a concave half-sphere, the mirrors special display, the bronze statues, the big frescos ( among which a 8m on 4m50 painting pasted on the wall), the lights arrangement in the pink marble floor and all the reflections on an outside 3m20 high statue surrounded with cascades of plants, create a magic spell..

A 30-mn film for television is being prepared. It will be on TPS programs...

Next Exhibitions

April 15th 2004 :
The Orage Gallery, 38 Grande rue, 77630 BARBIZON – tel 33 1 60 69 27 76.

From June 26th to September 30th 2004 :
A personal exhibition will take place at the
Pôle Culturel, parc du Château, 52400 BOURBONNE les BAINS

In October 2004, from 25th to 31st :
A personal exhibition will take place at the
Salle Carré à la Farine - Place du Marché Notre Dame 78000 Versailles


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