Visionary art, visionary and imaginary painting & surrealism : Mad-Jarova painter of the imaginary

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ad-Jarova, a visionary artist, picked up her first paintbrush at the tender age of four and from then on dedicated her life to painting and sculpture.

Today, after over 89 personal exhibitions in prestigious galleries around the world, she has earned a well deserved reputation in the field of visionary art. Exhibition venues have included: FRANCE: Marcel Bernheim Gallery, Weil Gallery, Guimet museum, Museum Gallery, Sèvres Gallery, Alma-George V Gallery, Château d’Amboise. AUSTRIA: Pallfy Palace (Vienna). ITALY : Enfac (Turin), International Forum Gallery (Rome).THE NETHERLANDS: Kunsthuis Van Het Oosten (Enschede). THE USA: The Breakers (Palm Beach, Florida), French Gallery (Boston).

The visionary art of Mad-Jarova, of exceptional originality, is a continuation of the painting of past Masters, be it in the field of painting, sculpture, architecture, writing or interior decoration.

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