Travelling beyond the Infinite

  Creation is sensible and all that is sensible can be expressed. Is our world suffering from a sense crisis ?

My first scientific vision was hand written in 1985 and it was deposited at the Men of Letters Society in 1990. It controverts the big bang, explores antimatter and stands for a scientific theory of conscience. It reveals the mysteries of life, of biology and suggests a new theory of evolution. Thus, strangely enough, it becomes the Theory of the Whole, the one sought for by scientists for nearly a century. The vision of cosmic unity between the visible and the whole, opens the way towards the understanding of quantum gravitation. It is about the discovery of the main origin where the four universally known visible forces come from : gravitational, electromagnetic, electro-strong, electro-weak. This prime force, which I call the Essential force, is revealed in one dimension : the Existence Band. Without spatial dimensions the Existence Band cannot be seen. It crosses the totality of the particles in our universe, which has got three spatial dimensions itself.

Among the most recent assumptions and theories, the one on supercoils which scientists have recently started to admit, is quite near to my vision, but it does not seem complete. Compared to the cosmic coils Theory (the M Theory) which is much more recent than my vision, the Essential Force is only one infinite strip enveloping the infinite big and the infinite small in one closed loop, like Möbius band. This snake, one cannot imagine, does not belong to our world, because it is the universal pillar which separates matter form antimatter. Actually, each matter particle is doubled by the same antimatter one. As sisters that cannot part, they must never meet in case of immediate death sentence. One detains the material appearence of this world, the other one detains the useful information for a proper functioning of the whole.

The elementary particles cannot be examined. When one tries to explore inside the proton to investigate its components (the quarks), it is impossible to separate them in order to examine them. Everything is beside materialism. From a certain stage, matter has almost disappeared.

This aspect is found in my painting. Gravity does not exist. My figures are suspended, rising above the human state.

I believe in the existence of an organizing force.

Our world is a material one, it expands in space and time. Conscience is not dimensional, either in space or time. Consequently, psyche which covers consciousness and unconsciousness, does not belong to time and space. Our material body is its physical dwelling.

Within ourselves, we have got the material and psychic duality, conscious and unconscious, male and female. Ego (conscious part) is doubled by its Shadow (unconscious part). So, is Shadow ruling over hidden and often obscure psychism ?

Everyone is equal as to the common inheritage of one's inner space. And each moment, every day, we can cherish the happiness of communicating with this invisible part in ourselves. It is eternal and lies within each one of us.

I would like to create a network. I wish to contact as many persons as possible who think that humanity needs a rebirth. I invite all the people who seek a new spirituality unifying all the religions. This new spirituality will be free of any ritual obligation. It will be lived individually by each one according to his (her) own truth, based on the advanced knowledge of our time and of the third millennium world.

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